Not only is this wine the fruit of an agronomic and oenological work. This is due to a unique and tight relationship between man and his vineyard. Thanks to experience in working in the vineyard and perfect knowledge of the soil type (« terroir »), the winegrower, who is also a craftsman, can constantly witness and observe nature, and therefore being the only person to further develop the potential limit of the vineyard and of the grapes carried by the vine until late autumn.

Grape variety

Sauvignon Blanc


Kimmeridgian marls


Estime is a wine coming from grapes picked several weeks after the traditional harvest. The overripe, healthy berries, rich in sugar with concentrated aromas are carefully selected to be able to extract a noble sweet juice, rare and syrupy. Several months of fermentation follow in order to obtain a wine which inspires every one of us and in making us a poet and a human being raised by senses.


In the nose, aromas of candied exotic fruit, with a hint of dried fruit (apricot, almond ...). Subtle in the mouth, with a nice balance between sugar and acidity and it lasts quite long.

image/svg+xml Food pairing

Fried foie gras with passion fruit juice, Peking duck, lobster à l'américaine, Crottin de Chavignol (goat cheese), Roquefort or Blue cheese from Auvergne, Mango soufflé, pineapple carpaccio.

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