New ZealandFusional

When French know-how meets New Zealand terroir, a fusion of harmony is revealed. Fusional is the Selection of our estate grown young vines. It reflects all the excellence of the fusion between the terroir of our vineyard and our historical know-how, showing luscious fruit and lovely roundness.

Grape variety

Pinot Noir - Young vines


65% greywacke (pebbles from a riverbed), 35% broadbridge (brown clay)


Made from grapes from our vineyard, this wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks, which enabled to develop expressive fruit aromas. 9% of the wine was aged in new French oak barrels, in order to enrich the structure and gain in complexity.


You will enjoy the cocoa notes in the nose, allied to subtle delicate and smoky aromas. It reveals a beautiful expression of Pinot Noir and deep black fruit aromas. In the mouth, there is a lovely freshness, added to fruit notes and silky tannins. It is well balanced: the structure is fine and rather feminine, whereas the texture is more powerful and masculine. It is a wine we really enjoyed making, it is a wine you will love tasting.

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